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Some reprex() behaviour can be controlled via an option, providing a way for the user to set personal defaults. The pattern for such option names is reprex.<arg>, where <arg> is an argument of reprex(). Here are the main ones:

  • reprex.advertise

  • reprex.session_info (previously,


  • reprex.html_preview (previously,

  • reprex.comment

  • reprex.tidyverse_quiet

  • reprex.std_out_err

A few more options exist, but are only relevant to specific situations:

  • reprex.venue: Can be used to control the venue used by the reprex_selection() addin.

  • reprex.current_venue: Read-only option that is set during reprex_render(). Other packages that want to generate reprex-compatible output can consult it via getOption("reprex.current_venue"), if they want to tailor their output to the venue.

  • reprex.clipboard: When FALSE, reprex makes no attempt to access the user's clipboard, ever. This exists mostly for internal use, i.e. we set it to FALSE when we detect use from RStudio Server. But a user could set this to FALSE to explicitly opt-out of clipboard functionality. A Linux user with no intention of installing xclip or xsel might also do this.

  • reprex.highlight.hl_style: Only relevant to venue = "rtf. Details are in the article reprex venue RTF.

  • reprex.highlight.font: See above.

  • reprex.highlight.font_size: See above.

  • reprex.highlight.other: See above.

Here's code you could put in .Rprofile to set reprex options. It would be rare to want non-default behaviour for all of these! We only do so here for the sake of exposition:

  reprex.advertise       = FALSE,
  reprex.session_info    = TRUE,           = TRUE,
  reprex.html_preview    = FALSE,
  reprex.comment         = "#;-)",
  reprex.tidyverse_quiet = FALSE,
  reprex.std_out_err     = TRUE,
  reprex.venue           = "html", # NOTE: only affects reprex_selection()!
  reprex.highlight.hl_style  = "acid", # NOTE: only affects RTF venue
  reprex.highlight.font      = "Andale Mono Regular",
  reprex.highlight.font_size = 35,
  reprex.highlight.other     = "--line-numbers"

The function usethis::edit_r_profile() is handy for creating and/or opening your .Rprofile.

Explaining the opt() helper

Arguments that appear like so in reprex():

reprex(..., arg = opt(DEFAULT), ...)

get their value according to this logic:

user-specified value or, if not given,
  getOption("reprex.arg") or, if does not exist,

It's shorthand for:

f(..., arg = getOption("reprex.arg", DEFAULT), ...)

This is not an exported function and should not be called directly.