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reprex_addin() opens an RStudio gadget and addin that allows you to say where the reprex source is (clipboard? current selection? active file? other file?) and to control a few other arguments. Appears as "Render reprex" in the RStudio Addins menu.

reprex_selection() is an addin that reprexes the current selection, optionally customised by options. Appears as "Reprex selection" in the RStudio Addins menu. Heavy users might want to create a keyboard shortcut, which is described in Suggested shortcut: Cmd + Shift + R (macOS) or Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows).



reprex_selection(venue = getOption("reprex.venue", "gh"))



Character. Must be one of the following (case insensitive):

  • "gh" for GitHub-Flavored Markdown, the default

  • "r" for a runnable R script, with commented output interleaved. Also useful for Slack code snippets; select "R" from the "Type" drop-down menu to enjoy nice syntax highlighting.

  • "rtf" for Rich Text Format (not supported for un-reprexing)

  • "html" for an HTML fragment suitable for inclusion in a larger HTML document (not supported for un-reprexing)

  • "slack" for pasting into a Slack message. Optimized for people who opt out of Slack's WYSIWYG interface. Go to Preferences > Advanced > Input options and select "Format messages with markup". (If there is demand for a second Slack venue optimized for use with WYSIWYG, please open an issue to discuss.)

  • "so" for Stack Overflow Markdown. Note: this is just an alias for "gh", since Stack Overflow started to support CommonMark-style fenced code blocks in January 2019.

  • "ds" for Discourse, e.g., Note: this is currently just an alias for "gh".